The fully-digital GAREX 220 Voice Communication Control System represents the state of the art within Air Traffic Control voice switching systems. The GAREX 220 VCCS is the result of a continuous development process ensuring that optimal technology is employed and that the users' functional requirements are met at all times. Functions required by air traffic service providers from all over the world have been progressively built into and become standard features of the GAREX system.

GAREX’ flexibility has been designed with your diverse needs in mind and supports the latest standard for VoIP integration to be well-positioned for your evolving infrastructure requirements. This unique property also deems it suitable for customers of any size, whether you operate a small airport or large area control center.

The technical and operational functionality is a significant part of the GAREX 220 VCCS, applied to attain an optimal solution. The GAREX 220 VCCS family consists of three discrete models offering differentiated characteristics tuned to the needs of each application: the GAREX 220 COMPACT3™, GAREX 220 MIDI™ and GAREX 220 AVANCE™ VCCS. The same hardware and software platform is utilised in each member of the product family, guaranteeing that every GAREX 220 VCCS customer can take advantage of future product developments and simplifying training, operation and maintenance, and spares stocking. The GAREX 220 VCCS is ideal for multi-site and networked applications.

Ideal for small and medium towers and small APP centres, this standardised VCCS provides a comprehensive set of functions and interfaces necessary for professional ATC communications. The COMPACT3 can accommodate up to 36 user positions.
Ideal for larger towers and medium to large APP and ACC centres, this standardised VCCS provides an enhanced set of functions and interfaces compared to the COMPACT3. The MIDI also employs a redundant set of central equipment that may be distributed between two equipment rooms or even buildings. The MIDI can accommodate up to 72 user positions.
Some ATC centres are so large with such complex operations and unique requirements that only customised system can meet their needs. The GAREX 220 AVANCE VCCS - the "classic" GAREX provides the adaptability, flexibility and functionality needed to satisfy the most demanding ATC communications challenges whether related to size or complexity.

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